General Information About our K9 Team

Rampart Search and Rescue also specialize in Canine (K-9) search and cadaver requests, our K-9s search dogs are highly trained and ready to respond 24/7. 

Our search dogs are available to any Law Enforcement agency, regardless of location.  

Rampart search and rescue search dogs respond to any agency's request in Adams County for search and rescue (SAR) incidents. We are training our search dogs year round (weekly) to respond on calls related to missing and/or lost people in the county's urban and suburban areas and for mutual aid in "mountain" country. We train our dogs for trailing, tracking, air scenting, cadaver and water searches across Colorado to assist in searches for lost people. They know that when our rescue dog(s) locates a lost person, the life-saving skills of human searchers are always close at hand.  

Our dog handlers are trained in backcountry travel including map and compass, global positioning system (GPS) use, summer survival, winter survival, man tracking, and search and rescue operations.  

Rampart search and rescue dog handlers are also trained in emergency medicine. All members can provide immediate life support to injured victims. Skills range in wilderness emergency medicine to basic life support.


Experienced Rampart search and rescue dog handlers are willing to fill a need during searches in the backcountry, urban, rivers and lakes by request from law enforcement.

Rampart search and rescue K9 Division offers a full range of rescue dogs. Our dogs are currently training to meet  F.E.M.A. certification standards.  We offer tracking, area search, scent, article search, and cadaver.  We are currently on the Adams County Coroner's Office list of agencies for call outs, as we do with all agencies in Adams County, Colorado. 

One part of Rampart search and rescue's K9 Division is to educate the public about our search and rescue dogs. Dave Bell (seen here seated in the white shirt) our K9 team leader is here talking about how our K9 dogs work in the field. There are several breads that do work well for search and rescue and some that do not.

We have been call upon several time to provide cadaver dogs. For an example - The Adams County Coroner's Office called us out this past summer looking for possible remains. Our bloodhound found what they (the CSI team) was looking for in about 20 minutes after being deployed. 

Rampart search and rescue is not a training depot for those wishing to train their dogs..However If you are truly wishing to get involved and volunteer with Rampart and meet our standards, weekly K-9 training sessions and training with us to National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) level of SAR techs standards. You must first be a full member for one year, then you are welcome to put in a application for the K-9 team.