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Rampart Search and Rescue

Rescue units on the front line

Disaster operations such as: Floods, Blizzards, searching for stranded motorist when roads are closed and Tornado spotting.

4x4 team in action

Mobile Response

We are ready to respond 24/7

Flooding on a local road Sept 2013

Tracking / Sign Cutting

On the trail of the missing child in the wildnerness

Urban and Rural Tracking

Community Involvement

We support any agancy in or out of county

We have responded out of state

What folks Say!

I want to express my appreciation for your hard work in the search and rescue field. It is a job that takes a great amount of skill and determination..

UdallUS Senator | Mark Udall

What folks Say!

We would like to express our appreciation to your agency for the assistance rendered during the search in Eldorado Canyon .

BSOBoulder County Sheriff's Office | Sheriff Joe Pelle

What folks Say!

The cooperation and assistance you provided demonstrated your flexibility and desire to help the family to closure for the human remains previously found.

ACCCAdams County Coroner's Office

What folks Say!

I want to express the thanks of every member of the Commerce City PD and city of Commerce City for your efforts and willingness to help a stranger in a time of need.

CCPDCommerce City PD | Commander Dave Munoz

What folks Say!

Sheriff Doug Darr and I sincerely appreciate the work that Rampart Search and Rescue team members provide to our community and other communities who request their assistance.

ACSOAdams County Sherriff's Office | Undersheriff Roger Engelsman

Our Team


Rampart Search and Rescue is the only Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team in the state of Colorado. Other Colorado teams work in the mountains (west of I-25). Our rescue team has been providing search and rescue services for more than 19 years, providing professional search and rescue services for Adams, Lincoln and Morgan counties here in Colorado.

Rampart Search and Rescue (RSAR) has over 40 members that operate under the authority of the Adams Comty County Sheriff. In the state of Colorado the Sheriff is the one responsible for all search and rescue with his/her jurisdiction. We provide search and rescue resources locally or out of state when requested.

Our services are provided free of charge; therefore, we rely heavily on your tax-deductible donations. We are a 501 (c) (3) under the IRS tax code. Our team relies on the generous contributions of the community (like you) to fulfill our mission of saving lives. Please help us by giving a donation today. Any amount will help, and your gift stays right here in Colorado. 

More than a million visitors to Colorado funnel through Adams, Lincoln and Morgan Counties each year. They arrive by vehicle on I-70, I-76 or by air through DIA. Most of those are on their way to that long-awaited "adventure of a lifetime". Having an adventure is guaranteed in Colorado year around. Rampart Search and Rescue has to be ready just in case a few folks get more than they bargained for.

Additionally, we are strong in specialized tactics specific to the three counties we serve. Our specilities include urban search and rescue and rescue stranded motorist during adverse winter weather.

Through our partnership with the Colorado Search and Rescue Board (which we are a member), we can effect mutual aid search and rescue operations not only in Adams, Lincoln and Morgan counties, but wherever we may be needed in Colorado or in other states.


Interested in a job with odd hours, no pay, and harsh working conditions? Rampart Search and Rescue is currently recruiting new members. No experience required, training provided.

Check out our <membership page> or come to one of our team meetings to learn more!

please Don't forget to donate!

Our members are willing to leave their families, their jobs and there personal safety behind at a moments notice. Every minute of every hour, every week of month... in fact..... always! We do it voluntarily, we do it with out question, any time of the year, day or night, sometimes in the most extreme conditions manageable.  Rampart Search and Rescue is here to help, will you....? Please show your support by using the PayPal link below....

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More information about Rampart Search and Rescue

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For several years now we have sold our famous t-shirts at the Adams County Fair. So come to the county fair and get ours. M-XXL

Images are real events
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Our photos in this website are of real events and belong to RSAR. These pictures can be used with written permission for training.


Our services are always free of charge.

Welcome to the home page of Rampart Search & Rescue (RSAR). Our agency provides search and rescue for Adams and Morgan County Governments. We are on call 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year to respond to a missing/lost person, I-70 and I-76 closures, disaster or any request anywhere in Colorado or the USA.

Community Involvement
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Our team works with several agencies in the state and that includes rescue boards, county OEM, Police, Fire, and several civic groups.

Rampart Search and Rescue
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We're available 24/7 to those requesting our services.


Have a Question? Call Us!
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Call us if you need our services... 303-227-1574.

Or email us your questions... info@rampartsar.com


We do not do animal rescues. We suggest you contact your local Humane Society or animal rescue organization.


Rampart Search and Rescue is looking for Cadets. Contact us if your between 10 and 20 year old.

County Information

"Adams County is 1,198 Square miles 53 square miles is DIA - largest in USA and 4th busiest."

– Adams County, Colo

"We do not do animal rescues. We suggest you contact you local Humane Society or animal rescue organization. ."

– Rampart Search and Rescue

"Morgan County is 1,293.87 Square miles, population of 28,159 (2010 census) 18th most populous Colorado county"

– Morgan County, Colo