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Our Wish List


Some search and rescue groups put out a wish list, the reader wonders if you're a search and rescue group you must get funding from the county for your operations. For us that is not the case, the county is currently going through budget cuts, low sales taxes do not make funds available. Add to that Federal grant funding are not as easy to find and get as they once were. More are asking for more and the well is running low. All of our members pay for their own vehicles, rescue gear, lights, gas, etc. Even then our members are not made of money.


We hope that you view this list and see if you can help. Many people do not have the time to commit to become trained and participate in search and rescue missions, but they still would like to help. There are several ways you can get involved. The first and easiest is by making a tax deductible donation directly to RSAR.


We want to thank all those that have supported us through the years and the future.


Donations - RSAR depends on donations to provide significant portion (100%) of our budget. Please consider a donation. We pride ourselves on an efficient operation and very low cost to the community. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation; donations are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.


The team depends upon contributions from individuals, groups, firms and agencies interested in supporting our work. Rampart Search and Rescue does not receive any regular funding from local, state, or federal governments. RSAR does not solicit support via telemarketing of any kind.


Donations by check may be mailed to:

Rampart Search and Rescue

P.O. Box 33336

Northglenn, Colorado 80233-0336


Or you can make your donation by clicking on the PayPal "Donate" button below.



The board of directors want to thank you for looking over our wish list.



Wish List


Gear Cost Qty Description


$ 1 - 50

Smoke Bombs $5.oo 20 Training aids for smoke scent movement
K9 SAR Vest $25.oo 5 Search dog vest
Pre-Paid gas cards $50.oo 15 Available for units responding to searches


$ 51 - 100

Road Flares $75.oo 10 Used during road closures
Aurorlite Collar $75.oo 5 Lighted K9 collar for night work


$ 101 - 250

3-in-1 Parkas $170.oo 15 Uniform 3-Season Jackets
Pelican Case $200.00 3 Watertight equipment case (storage radios/GPS units)
First Aid Kit $200.oo 1 In Pelican case, designed for Base command use
Sand Filter Pump $225.00 1 Sand Filter & Pump for our dunk tank


$ 250 - 500

Training Seminars $250.oo 10 Various opportunities that come up during the year
Search Mgmt $300 3 Command Search Management class


$ 501 - 1,000

Walkie-Talkie $850.oo 25 Need to replace our out dated GP300 VHF radios
(As of 1/1/13 we can no longer be able to use these radios. These radios are over 20 years old)


$ 1,001 - Above

VHF Mobile $1,300.oo 25 Replace our out dated VHF Spectra mobile radios
(As of 1/1/13 we can no longer be able to use these radios. These radios are over 25 years old)
Laptop $1,500.oo 1 Replace old laptop used at Base during search
Electric Start gen $1,995.oo 1 1.5kw to power equipment at searches
Digital 800MHz $3,800.00 7 State Digital 800MHz mobile radios
Boat & Trailer $5,000.oo 1 Water recovery searches and training
Trailer $7,000.oo 1 Enclosed for searches and equipment



  • Trailer
        We are in search of a medium to small enclosed cargo trailer that we can use to store our rescue gear, so we can have all our gear in one place and take to the event location. This trailer can be used. Please we would like the trailer too not need a lot of work to make it road worthy.


  • Ambulance Box Unit
        We are looking for a new or good used ambulance to be used as a rehab unit for field call outs. The unit can be high mileage, in working order and will start in any type of weather; cold and warm. Again we would like this unit to not need a lot of work to make it road worthy.

You can also donate to RSAR through Pay Pal. Use the link above.