Animal Rescues:

We do not do animal rescues. We suggest you contact you local Humane Society or animal rescue organization.

Can I be an Explorer?

If you are between the ages of 14 and 20, yes are welcome to join our program. You will be part of an exciting team that saves people in their hour of need.

How can I join:

Go to our membership page and download an application. 

About Adams County:

Population of: 441,603 in 2010 - 5th most populous of Colorado's 64 counties.
1,198 Square miles
53 square miles is DIA - largest in USA and 4th busiest.




We are Adams and Morgan County's urban SAR team!

What's New!

Our Explorer Post 1574 is looking for new Explorers. If you are between 14 and 20. Come to one of our business meetings and see what our Explorer Post is all about.


Who We are


Rampart Search and Rescue (RSAR) 55 member strong is the search and rescue resource for Adams and Morgan counties, in Colorado.


We operate under the authority of the County Sheriff, the legally responsible agency for search and rescue in Colorado. We provide search and rescue resources locally, out of county and out of state when requested.


Our services are provide free of charge, therefore we rely heavily on your 501 (c)(3) tax-deductible donations. Our team relies on the generous contributions of the community (like you) to fulfill our mission of saving lives. Please help us by a donation today. Any amount will help a  lot. (See the PayPal link at the bottom of this page.)


Thank You for visiting us today. Please explore our web site and see what we do and how you can stay our of trouble... Did you know we provide free safety talks? 



Our Vision:


Rampart search and rescue is an organization of highly skilled search and rescue professionals capable of providing an effective response to whatever role we are tasked to do by the appropriate agency of jurisdiction.


We also strive to prevent search-related emergencies through education and community outreach.


You can request a safety talk to your group or organization free of charge by contacting us.


There is never a charge for us to find or rescue people in need!


Wish List


 Wish list and Donations Click Here



What We Do:

  • Rescue and Medical Assistance
  • Disaster operations such as:
    • Floods
    • Blizzards
    • Searching for stranded motorist when roads are closed (i.e. I-70, I-76)
    • Tornados
  • Adams County 4x4 Team is now apart of RSAR
    • 4x4 team is now full members of Rampart
    • 4x4 Team deals with transportation and other requests
    • Here is a link to their page Link--> Click here <-- Link
  • Search for:
    • Missing, lost or overdue persons
    • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)
    • Walk-a-ways such as:
      • Alzheimer's, etc
      • Colorado Life Track, formerly known as Project Lifesaver
    • Downed Aircraft such as:
      •  Balloons, gliders, experimental aircraft and commercial aircraft
    • Activated emergency locator transmitters or ELTs
    • Activated personal locator beacons or PLBs
    • Traffic Assistance
    • County OEM has our team out when Tornado warnings are issued for the county.


  • Mission Yearly Statistics Link--> Click here <--Link

RSAR services are free to any individual or agency in need of our services. Our believe is that to postpone a call-for-service (help) because of financial concerns could cost a life.


RSAR relies upon the generous contributions of the community to fulfill our mission of saving lives. We also provide safety education to civic groups and school events. We would like to publicly thank all those that have contributed over the years that help Rampart perform our mission and help keep the cost of our services free.


Our Group



Our Mission:

  • The mission of Rampart Search & Rescue is to provide search and rescue assistance, free of charge, to local, county, state and federal agencies for; missing persons, rescue stranded motorist during adverse weather, and any assistance for a natural or man made disaster related emergencies. We work under the supervision of the Adam's and Morgan County Sheriff's Department.


Interesting fact about us:

  • We are well known in the search and rescue / public safety community for having more bloodhounds than most search and rescue teams in the USA.

General Information About Us

  • We are all self-funded volunteers. We pay for our own supplies, including fuel, dogs & dog related supplies, and all specialized equipment. We do not get any funds from other agencies, county, state (yes we do not get the .25 cents from state licenses) or the federal government. While our team members give much of their time training & own money for personal equipment to meet State & Federal guidelines, our unit depends upon donations & contributions to remain operational. We are currently seeking grants, donations, corporate and private sponsors. Our services are free. . . . . so any donations are greatly appreciated.

  • FUNDING - RSAR is a non-profit, volunteer organization. All funding is derived from individual donations, grants and other types of fundraising. Our members spend countless hours of their free time and occasionally their work time to respond to a search and rescue operation. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support the valuable work that we do for the community.

  • We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Origination under the IRS tax code. Your donations are tax deductible.

  • Rampart Search and Rescue is responsible for checking I-70 when closed east of Denver. Our members check the I-70 corridor for stranded motorist and take them to local shelters. We are not limited to just I-70, we have been dispatched to other locations along US36, I-25, US85, I-76 during adverse weather.

  •  If you have a missing person emergency or other disaster, and would like our help you can contact any Public Safety agency in Adams County or you are welcome to call us directly.


  • In the case of a missing person, the sooner our dogs get on the scent the better.


  • We hope our site is informative and able to increase your awareness of our Team's capabilities and potential.



  • You can donate to RSAR by Pay Pal without being a member of Pay Pal.


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