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We do not do animal rescues. We suggest you contact you local Humane Society or animal rescue organization.



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Our Explorer Post 1574 is looking for new Explorers. If you are between 14 and 20. Come to one of our business meetings and see what our Explorer Post is all about.


It started many moons ago, in a county far far away. . . . .

  • Search is the activity of locating and recovering persons either in distress, potential distress, stranded or missing. Now once the object or person is located; Rescue is where the victim is extracted and deliver them to a place of safety.


  • Rampart Search and Rescue has been designated as the search and rescue provider for Adams County, Colorado by Sheriff Douglas N. Darr under statutory authority (CRS 24-32-2107 (a) and (b)). Rampart is also a member of the Colorado Search and Rescue Board and is listed as a state asset in the Colorado Resource Mobilization Plan.


  • Rampart Search and Rescue is a Urban search and rescue unit dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue and safety education. The team is composed totally of volunteers and is available upon request for help with search and rescue anywhere in Colorado under the authority of the local county sheriff or in other states and countries under local authority. The team is able to search for downed aircraft and lost people by tracing the location of the aircrafts emergency location transmitter as well personal locator beacons. The members, numbering over 40 strong, serve in a variety of roles while working towards a single goal – saving lives.

    The members of the team are unpaid volunteers selected from the community. We typically accept applications during the third quarter of the year (after the membership drive during the county fair)  for consideration for that year’s New Member class. However RSAR does accept applications year round for both Adult and Explorer, FYI - new member classes start in the fall.


  • The Adams County 4x4 team as part of the county's OEM has now been placed as part of RSAR.

    RSAR's 4x4 unit:

    1. Conducts day and night mobile SAR operation, sometimes during adverse weather conditions, in both urban and wilderness environments.

    2. Searches for children, the elderly, vehicles, lost hunters and downed aircraft.

    3. Provides off-road rough terrain transportation for SAR personnel, search dogs, supplies, equipment and radio repeater systems to remote sites for emergencies.

    4. Is utilized in natural disasters as well as searches for lost subjects.


  • More info about our 4x4 team click here.

    There is never a charge for our services, year around, 24 hrs a day!


What We Do

  • RSAR specializes in search and rescue operations involving:

  • Rescue or Medical Assistance
  • Search for missing, lost, or overdue persons
  • Missing aircraft, balloon, or glider
  • Activated emergency locator transmitters (ELT)
  • Activated personal locator beacons (PLB)
  • Disaster operations (flood, blizzard/snowstorm, major fire, earthquake, tornado, etc.)
  • Technical rescue/recovery, such as; low angle, cave, ice rescue, confined space, etc.



Board of Directors

  • Dave Haskin - Director
    Dave started in rescue work back in 1973. After 20 years in Kansas City he moved back to Colorado and started Rampart Search and Rescue in 1997.

  • Tj Baker - Vice President
    Dave started his rescue service with Douglas County SAR. After moving to Adams County, he joined Rampart and had advanced to V.P. and mission coordinator.


  • Clint Eatmon - Treasurer
    Clint is a father of an autistic child which is what originally brought him to Rampart.  He joined the team in 2009 and currently owns one of the bloodhounds the team uses in search operations.  

  • Charles Kirmuss - Board of Directors at Large
    Charles has been the chief technology engineer for several companies in Denver. He has worked with the city and county of Denver on several projects such as cameras on Colfax Ave and school buses. Currently he is owner of Infinity Radios and Infinity Gear providing radios and GPS microphones with contracts with the USA and off shore governments

  • Stayton Mosbey - Chief Medical Officer
    Stayton is an EMT and has been working the streets as a ALS/BLS working for a local Denver ambulance company for several years.

  • Jean Schell - Secretary
    Jean started with RSAR working with our dog team. On his time off, he is one of our main volunteers and can always be counted on to be there. Also Jean is HazMat certified.


 Division Leads

  • Terry Bell - Explorers Advisor
    Even thou several RSAR members are Explorer Advisors, Terry is the one that heads up this division of the team. The Explorers train along side our regular members and can work with our K9 team and dog handlers.


  • Dave Bell - Search Dogs Director
    Our Vice resident and is also our K9 director. He helps in all aspects of the K9 training (Terry Bell wife) also is heavily involved in the K9 group.


  • Dave Haskin - Radio Officer and Training Officer
    He has been working with radios all of his life, CB, GMRS and Short Wave back when he was in High School. His background with TV Broadcasting and Law Enforcement is a perfect match for this job. He keeps us talking.


  • Charles Kirmuss - Training Officer
    His background as a Firefighter Engineer, coupled with his technology background make him the best person for the job.


  • Dean Berenbaum and Nick Albright - 4x4 Team Co-Leaders
    Dean and Nick were part of the Adams County 4x4 Response Team and have also been a members of RSAR for some time. When the County transferred the 4x4 group to Rampart in May of 2011, it was fitting to have these two be the lead of this division.


  • Deidre Eatmon - Property Master
    Deidre is our inventory specialist, she joined RSAR because all of her other family members were member. Plus she was volunteered (some call it railroaded) into being our Property Master. 







  Team Bio


"RSAR" is an acronym for "Rampart Search and Rescue"


  • Adams County Search and Rescue, Inc. is owned by Rampart Search and Rescue, Inc. They are one in the same organization.
  • We formed in 1997 to meet the growing need for a specialized urban rescue team that can work in urban, suburban and wilderness environments.
  • As a non-governmental organization (NGO) our members volunteer their skills and time, we have no paid employees.
  • Our primary objectives is the relief of human suffering and distress in any part of the county resulting from disaster of any kind and the protection and preservation of human life. This is achieved by providing suitably trained and experienced response teams when we receive a request for assistance. We do not charge for our service.
  • Several of our members have over 20 years experience in disaster related work and are amongst the most experienced disaster response personnel within the state.
  • Our team trains in several areas of rescue and Public Safety.
  • We provide safety training to the general public.
  • We provide safety talks to civic groups, schools, etc. Please call Terry Bell @ 303-929-1787 if you wish to have one of our speakers come to your civic event or school assembly.